To obtain information regarding development and what must be done to obtain a permit contact the Building Permit Official’s Office, Randy L. Stroud, P. E. at 979-849-3141.  His office is located at 201 South Velasco, Angleton, Texas 77515. Office hours are 8am to 12pm and 1pm to 5pm Monday through Friday. The Building Permit Official will give you a list of items which must be provided in order to get a Building Permit (or Development Permit).

A permit must be obtained prior to any work being done on your property. The Building Permit Official will help you determine your flood plain designation after a legal description of the property is provided.

The Permit Process

The Building Permit process is designed to insure compliance not only with Village of Bailey’s Prairie rules, but also with FEMA, State Windstorm, and Texas Residential Construction Commission (TRCC) regulations, as well as Brazoria County Health Department rules for water wells and sanitary control facilities. After all required documents are submitted to the Building Permit Official and the building permit fee is paid, the Building Permit Official will issue a Building Permit. The permit is good for 6 months from the date of issuance and can be revoked for non-compliance with the regulations. Village of Bailey’s Prairie Ordinance 2016-9 Building Regulations as Required by the National Flood Insurance Act Title 42. View PDF

Things you should know:

  • All structures require a building permit.
  • You must obtain a building permit prior to being assigned an address.
  • Before you move any dirt–dig, put in a house pad, dig a ditch, fill in a ditch, fill in a pond, build a driveway, install culverts–you must have a building permit and comply with the FEMA regulations.
  • If your property is on a state designated road (FM or SH) a permit must be obtained from TxDOT prior to putting in a driveway.
  • The minimun distance between driveways is regulated by the state of Texas.
  • If your driveway is on a city street or county road, Mr. Stroud will assist you in the process.
  • If you have a shared driveway, different rules may apply.
  • If your property has a pipeline, you need to contact the pipeline company.
  • Existing drainage ditches or established drainage may not be altered without a permit.
  • Sewers and wells are regulated by the state of Texas. A permit must be obtained for each. Registered water-well drillers must submit reports to the state for each well they drill. Sewer permits are regulated by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.
  • Bailey’s Prairie is a zoned community and commercial activity is not allowed in residential areas.
  • Before you buy land, be sure you can move forward with your future development plans.
  • This list is not complete. Local, state and federal regulations apply to building in a flood zone and may change over time.
  • Village officials can help you find the answers to your questions.

Other Information

If construction does not begin within the 6 month period, a new permit must be secured. The permit allows construction to begin and, also, authorizes temporary electrical service to be installed. Prior to pouring the concrete for the slab, copies of a FEMA elevation certification certifying the elevation of the forms, a Windstorm Foundation inspection, and a TRCC pre-pour inspection must be provided to the Building Permit Official. After a visual inspection, the Building Permit Official will issue a certificate to authorize the concrete to be poured. Upon completion of construction, documentation must be provided for a FEMA final elevation certification, a final Windstorm inspection, a final TRCC inspection, a well log and a final sanitation permit from the Brazoria County Health Department. After receipt of the documents, the Building Permit Official will issue a Certification of Occupancy which allows permanent electrical service to be connected and allows the building to be inhabited.

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