General News

National Flood Insurance Program

Bailey’s Prairie participates in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), a part of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

The public is encouraged to attend.


The Village of Bailey’s Prairie is a zoned community. If you are planning to build in the village, contact Randy Stroud (979-849-3141) prior to building to obtain a permit. Commercial activity is not allowed in residential areas.

Zoning Ordinance  1990-3

One-Call System

Timely messages during an emergency are crucial.  The Village of Bailey’s Prairie has implemented an emergency  notification system.   Using the “One Call” system, the village will be able to send a voice mail, text message or email.


A development permit is required prior to any development within the village limits.   This includes digging, filling, building, and any drainage work.

Emergency Services

Emergency services in the village are provided by several agencies.

Ambulance services are provided by Angleton Area Emergency Medical Services.

The Angleton Volunteer Fire Department responds to fire emergencies in the village.

The Brazoria County Sheriff’s Department provides law enforcement.

Trash Service

 Semi-annual, large trash pick up is November 16, 2019.  Trash should be put out no earlier than November 7th.  Place your items for big pick up at the end of your driveway making sure they are not in the road or blocking access for mail delivery.  


 Please read below for what is and is not accepted for pick up.  

Twice yearly, the third Saturday of April and again in November, big pickup will be provided.  No medical waste is allowed. However, needles and other sharp items are permitted in an approved SHARPS container.  A 2 liter soda bottle with a screw on lid firmly attached is also permitted to dispose of  needles and other sharp items. Please make sure the lid is firmly screwed on before disposing of the bottle.    No free flowing fluids such as, paint or paint thinner.  No construction debris.   No household trash.  Please use your weekly trash pick up.   No hazardous waste.  No vehicle tires.  No vehicle batteries, no lawn mower batteries,  no boat batteries.   No appliances with freon,  A/C units, freezers, refrigerators,  No compressed gas such as, propane or helium tanks.   Please do not put out your big trash pick up items no earlier than 10 days before the 3rd weekends in April and November. 


Twice yearly, big trash pick up will be picked up on the  3rd weekend in April and again  in November.   Please DO NOT place any  trash outside the Sally Lake entrance  on FM 521.   Sally Lake home owner's  twice yearly big trash pick up will be in front of your homes.  The same as everyone else in Bailey's Prairie.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Holiday Pick Up

Waste Connection does not pick up on Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years Day.  If your normal pick up falls on one of those days, pickup will occur the following day.


Cooling Stations Offered

With temperatures reaching triple digits in Brazoria  County, the community has been offered to use our local libraries as cooling stations when the heat  index  is 100 degrees or greater during regular library hours of operation.    Your  local libraries will be offering an area of respite from today:  Tuesday, July 16, 2019 until the end of September.    To locate the library nearest you, go to or may also be located  on the free Ready Brazoria County app.    

Work Along Sebesta Road

Many of you have probably seen the surveyor's stakes on the North side of Sebesta Road.  Work will be starting in early February on the flood mitigation at the ditch along Sebesta Road, in Oakwood Creek Estates.   This project, and some others to be done later, should help prevent the flooding we have seen the last few years, or at least minimize its severity.

County working to get rid of abandoned boats

When boats break down, people often don’t know what to do with the hunk of fiberglass or metal. As a result, watercraft are abandoned on the side of the road, at docks or purposely sunk, creating ugly eyesores and potential danger.

Hurricane Harvey Recovery

Hello Bailey's Prairie Residents

here is contact information for Harvey Long Term Recovery Assistance

Lutheran Social Services 

Disaster Response

501 Willow Drive

Lake Jackson, Texas 77566

contact: Judith Rizzo

512 940 7752

possible available assistance:  any equipment lost 

in support of family, A/C  repair, appliances, etc. 

More Harvey Related Assistance:

Brazoria County Community Development 

contact:  Nancy Friudenberg

1524 E Mulberry Angleton