About Bailey’s Prairie

Bailey’s Prairie is named for James Britton Bailey who settled here with his family in 1818.  When Stephen F. Austin arrived with his land grants from Mexico and 300 families, Brit Bailey would not surrender his land and eventually received a league of land on the east bank of the Brazos River.  Although his grave site is not marked, his life in commemorated on a historic marker at the Munson Cemetery on SH 35 in Bailey’s Prairie.

Established as a municipality in 1967, Bailey’s Prairie encompasses  8 square miles and had 797 residents in the 2010 census.

Village Leadership

Mayor Tammy Mutina


Term of Office: 2018-2020

Cheryl McBeth - Mayor ProTem


Term of Office: 2019-2021

Oscar Greek - Alderman


Term of Office: 2019-2021

Dorothy Wilbeck - Alderman


Term of Office: 2018-2020

Ray Wagner - Alderman


Term of Office: 2018-2020

Michelle Powless - Alderman


Term of Office: 2019-2021

Donna Dues - Secretary


She keeps the rest of us in line.

Will Blackstock - Emergency Management Coordinator


Our day-to-day liaison with Emergency Planning Officials.