This flood has been very difficult for everyone, especially on the heels of last year’s flood.  The water level  in Bailey’s Prairie has held for the last 24 hours and some people have seen the level  recede.

Everyone wants to be back in their home, but at this time there are some areas which are still not safe.   Some evacuations have taken place in the village.

At this time, the Village of Bailey’s Prairie is  under a MANDATORY  evacuation order since August 26, 2017.  In order to protect people and property within our community ,  after 9 pm tonight, there will be no re-entry allowed into Bailey’s Prairie until further notice.

Persons  will be allowed to re-enter in order to feed livestock, but this will require a re-entry permit signed by the Mayor.  To obtain a re-entry permit,  email or call Village Hall at 979.849.0134.

We, along with county officials, are evaluating  the situation on an on-going  basis and will assess the need for a continued MANDATORY evacuation.

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